ZippSlip - A complete communications platform

Built specifically for K12, ZippSlip provides schools and districts the ability to communicate with parents and colleagues, obtain consents and approvals, and track these interactions. It is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly, electronic forms and workflow platform with multi-media communications.
ZippSlip is highly secure and is HIPAA and FERPA compliant: we don’t share student and school data with any third party.
See how we can transform your experience with school communications:

  • Electronic forms, text, email, and recorded voice announcements
  • Connects with parents, students, and staff
  • Works on all devices – browsers and apps
  • Multiple languages
  • Extensive tracking and reporting

ZippSlip is low-cost and easy to set up. It generally takes less than two weeks to be up and running. Integration is straightforward with all major SIS platforms, with two-way communication easily established. The electronic forms are pre-filled from SIS data to minimize mistakes and the time required to complete forms. With ZippSlip, parents should never have to fill in the name, class, or other basic data about their kids – parents love this feature!

Tracking and reporting can be controlled from a single dashboard so that school administrators can collate all the information that they need internally as well as providing information to the district level.

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