Enterprise architecture - technology Lifecycle, roadmap, governance

CMCI is a key industry partner for some of the nation’s principal security agencies in deploying a high security delivery platform. Our experts design and deploy flexible, scalable enterprise architecture solutions using open standards, industry best practices, and best of breed technology components. We use a layered, modular approach, which improves responsiveness and reduces overhead and O&M costs, while achieving significant reductions in time-to-production. Our enterprise architecture solutions avoid proprietary vendor lock-in and ensures faster deployment for significant reductions in time-to-production. We assess the “As-Is” environment and carefully map each technology and tool relative to its overall lifecycle, your business goals, and technology objectives.

Our experts work closely with you to define the desired technology vision, factoring in all risks, interdependencies, and governance considerations along the way. We then build the roadmap for achieving your desired technology end-state—the to-be architecture—with a comprehensive strategic plan that identifies the path and proper sequencing of milestones for retiring or migrating legacy systems and applications. The end result for you is a strategic enterprise architecture solution that codifies and optimizes your current and future technology investments to keep pace with your business and mission needs.

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