Agile development and delivery

CMCI uses Agile methodologies to lead and deliver some of the most sophisticated and complex initiatives within the Federal technology space. Our Agile software development process has been honed and refined from over 15+ years of architecting, designing, implementing, and modernizing enterprise-level systems and applications in national security, law enforcement, commerce, and health and human services arenas. We use open-source/open-standard tools and technologies to deliver maximum value, with faster-to-market solutions unbound by proprietary constraints. We integrate best practices and the following elements to ensure continuous quality improvement throughout every aspect of our Agile services and delivery:

  • Scrum and Kanban methodologies;
  • Rapid 2-3-week sprints;
  • Microservices;
  • Extreme Programming with test-driven development;
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (DevOps);
  • Extensive automation throughout all phases of the software development lifecycle;
  • Agile governance at the project level;
  • Close collaboration with customers, stakeholders and team members; and
  • Project management best practices that tightly manage quality, schedule, risk, cost and resource utilization for on-time, on-target and within budget delivery.

The results for our customers include improved satisfaction and an enhanced ability to keep pace with your evolving business, technology and mission needs.

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