CMCI's near real-time decision-making support facilitates trade across borders and mitigate threat and risks to allow expedited admissibility to cargo and travelers.

America’s borders symbolize a land of opportunity but with this opportunity comes great responsibility. Securing the nation’s borders involves complex technology, rigorous processes and the highest levels of integrity. At CMCI, we work as a trusted partner to Homeland Security and many law enforcement agencies to help ensure operational efficiency and deliver peace of mind for citizens and immigrants alike.

Our technology solutions strengthen the security and integrity of our immigration system. These solutions serve as the single source of truth for U.S. citizenship and immigration services. Our solutions address agency challenges including criminal activity, counterterrorism, intelligence, and cyber threats. From the front lines of cyber defense, to the borders of our nation and beyond, the CMCI team is an instrumental force enhancing our nation’s security.

CMCI helps improve homeland security by providing real-time access and person-centric information relating to non-immigrant foreign students and exchange visitors during U.S. stays. CMCI aims to provide technical solutions for customer service systems aimed at improving and prioritizing the immigration experience.

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