CMCI’s Large School District Solutions

CMCI’s cloud based solutions & services not only drive parental engagement with a broad set of advanced communications between schools, parents and communities, but also equip school districts with cutting edge tools to easily create and manage school Bell Schedule and helps in Fleet management.

ZippSlip - A complete communications platform

Built specifically for K12, ZippSlip provides schools and districts the ability to communicate with parents and colleagues, obtain consents and approvals, and track these interactions. It is a cloud based, mobile-friendly, electronic forms and workflow platform with multi-media communications.
ZippSlip is highly secure and is HIPAA and FERPA compliant: we don’t share student and school data with any third party.
See how we can transform your experience with school communications:

  • Electronic forms, text, email and recorded voice announcements
  • Connects with parents, students and staff
  • Works on all devices – browsers and apps
  • Multiple languages
  • Extensive tracking and reporting

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CAARMO - Fleet Management

CAARMO helps managers who want to reduce fleet downtime by sharing the real-time onboard analysis of vehicle health with mechanics and by automating the maintenance service schedule in order to ensure immediate assistance.
Functionalities include, but not limited to:

  • Real-time vehicle diagnostics
  • Real-time GPS, geo-fencing
  • Integration of maintenance schedules and items
  • Fuel, mileage, speed, idle, driver behavior

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Accessibility and 508 Compliance

CMCI has proven expertise in attaining 508 compliance in (ICT) any information technology, equipment, or interconnected system or subsystem of equipment for which the principal function is the creation, conversion, duplication, automatic acquisition, storage, analysis, evaluation, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, reception, or broadcast of data or information.

CMCI believes in inclusiveness to promote diversity at the workplace and we understand that making our solutions 508 compliant will help people with disabilities eliminate barriers from achieving their goals.

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