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A Re-engineering Approach for Modernizing Legacy IT Systems
Legacy IT systems are hindering organizations from adopting emerging technologies and realizing cost savings. In this white paper on modernization, CMCI provides an overview of a re-engineering approach to modernizing legacy IT systems. A re-engineered IT system is capable of faster processing, integrating with new systems and components, scaling to handle large and unexpected workload surges, and performing robust and dynamic business intelligence and analytics. Re-engineering is the preferred approach for organizations that need an architectural foundation for building a future state architecture while preserving “as-is” business functionality all with a modern, rich user interface.

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The Global Data Exchange (GDX) Gateway

With increased globalization, international trade is becoming critical to world economies. An assessment of the important problems facing the global supply chains associated with international trade is as follows:

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CMCI is Industry’s ITDS Expert

CMCI is the principal ITDS vendor to the Federal government. We architected, developed, implemented, and delivered the ITDS suite of components. We are also leading the architecture definition effort for the next generation of ACE modernization. CMCI provides key technical and project management expertise in all three core areas of ITDS functionality:

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Implementing Electronic Data Exchange Security Using Web Services

CMCI led the development of the Secure Electronic Data Exchange by collaborating with CBP and CBP’s European counterparts from requirements to deployment in production, including production support. Domestic and international authorities relied on CMCI’s deep institutional knowledge of CBP and trade to navigate and ultimately meet the strict requirements of U.S. and European customs authorities. CMCI implemented the technical solutions to the MRA based on the C-TPAT – EU Interface Control Document (ICD) approved by both parties.

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Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Improve Risk Assessment and Targeting of International Passengers

CMCI delivered improved entity resolution and visualization and analytics tools. These are critical technological components of CBP’s multilayered approach for screening and identifying potential travelers who may pose a threat to the United States. CMCI’s role as a key partner means that law enforcement will realize the maximum value and utility from these systems and technologies in the ongoing effort to protect the nation and its citizens.

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Data Migration: Cut costs with zero downtime and improved availability

Enterprise databases have increased exponentially in size and complexity in recent years; likewise, the associated licensing costs, energy demands, and maintenance expenses have also grown. It is not uncommon for an enterprise database to consume the lion’s share of an IT budget, which can stress ongoing initiatives and prevent the launch of new initiatives.

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