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Legacy IT systems are hindering organizations from adopting emerging technologies and realizing cost savings. In this white paper on modernization, CMCI provides an overview of a re-engineering approach to modernizing legacy IT systems. A re-engineered IT system is capable of faster processing, integrating with new systems and components, scaling to handle large and unexpected workload surges, and performing robust and dynamic business intelligence and analytics. Re-engineering is the preferred approach for organizations that need an architectural foundation for building a future state architecture while preserving “as-is” business functionality – all with a modern, rich user interface.

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The Global Data Exchange (GDX) Gateway

Ever-increasing globalization has made international trade a vital interest and driving force for virtually every world economy. Many governments and agencies have responsibility for regulating international trade in order to protect our nation’s citizenry and borders from potential risks and terrorist threats. The efficient flow of international trade-related data among partnering governments and agencies is vital to facilitating legitimate trade while mitigating potential risks. Siloed information within individual governments and agencies regulating international trade presented a huge barrier to securing the extended global supply chain. In this 2005 white paper, CMCI conceived and architected a Global Data Exchange (GDX) Gateway to combat this problem and facilitate greater information-sharing and interoperability among governments and agencies. The Global Data Exchange Gateway provides an early conceptual model and architecture for later international trade data frameworks such as the “Single Window” and the International Trade Data Systems.

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Global Extended Supply Chain

CMCI has over 13 years of specialized domain expertise in the global extended supply chain as well as in imports/exports-related risk and threat assessment and Trusted Traders programs. We leverage this expertise in the national security, law enforcement and health and human services arenas to support government agencies that have regulatory or law enforcement purview over imported goods. This domain expertise enables CMCI to serve as a thought leader, trusted advisor and principal vendor for International Trade Data System-related technology initiatives.

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Implementing Electronic Data Exchange Security Using Web Services

Domestic and international authorities rely on CMCI’s deep institutional knowledge of international trade and the extended global supply chain. Working in close collaboration with national security agencies and their European counterparts, CMCI led the development and implementation of a secure electronic data exchange using Web Services to navigate and ultimately meet the strict requirements of U.S. and European customs authorities. This became the building block for the World Customs Organization’s architecture.

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Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Improve Risk Assessment and Targeting of International Passengers

In the Post-9/11 era, protecting our nation from terrorist threats requires round-the-clock vigilance and fluency in both the national security mission and technology landscape. CMCI has been deeply embedded in some of the most sophisticated missions and technology initiatives within national security agencies since 2005. For over 13 years, we have been leveraging cutting-edge technologies, advanced analytics, and our proven subject matter expertise to enhance passenger risk assessment and targeting for over 1 million U.S.-bound passengers per day. Our solutions significantly improved entity resolution to expedite legitimate travel and reduced field officer work load while enhancing visualization and mission-critical analytics tools used in our nation’s multi-layered approach for identifying travelers who pose potential threats to the United States. As a trusted advisor and information technology partner, CMCI’s solutions optimize the value and effectiveness of national security and law enforcement agencies’ technology investments while protecting our borders and citizens.

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Data Migration: Cut costs with zero downtime and improved availability

Enterprise databases have increased exponentially in size and complexity in recent years. So, too, have the licensing costs, energy demands, and maintenance expenses associated with maintaining these data assets. It is not uncommon for an enterprise database to consume the lion’s share of an IT budget, which can stress ongoing initiatives and prevent the launch of new initiatives. In this white paper, CMCI addresses key approaches for successfully migrating data assets with no loss of data and system performance.

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