Trade – Single Window System – Interoperability

CMCI is the principal ITDS vendor to the Federal government. We architected, developed, implemented, and delivered the ITDS suite of components. We are also leading the architecture definition effort for the next generation of ACE modernization. CMCI provides key technical and project management expertise in all three core areas of ITDS functionality:

PGA Message Set (Single Window)
Document Image System (DIS)
Interoperability Web Services (IWS)

ITDS is not just a technical challenge, but a challenge of collaboration and communication across industry and government in a global setting. As the principal vendor on the ACE and ITDS initiatives since their inception, we can ensure a smooth and seamless integration by leveraging our comprehensive institutional knowledge of CBP and other key Agencies involved in the ITDS initiative. Our experts are longstanding and trusted resources who are deeply embedded in the programs, culture, and environment of the Agencies responsible for establishing ACE and ITDS.

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