Service Oriented Architecture

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can mean new agility for your organization, enabling you to leverage IT assets for more efficient and creative business processes, which lets you adjust quickly and economically to the changing needs of today and for the next generation of business. CMCI provides mature methodologies, strategic direction, and technical guidance for SOA implementations. Our experts take an enterprise-wide view of SOA, and then proceeds with a strategic implementation. CMCI SOA efforts are focused on integrating identity and access management into a customer’s SOA for governance, implementing application server infrastructure and virtualization to assure 100% availability of SOA infrastructure and applying business process management to achieve business goals. Our focus on semantic SOA governance ensures scalability, control and that business missions are mapped accurately to the Services Oriented Infrastructure (SOI). By doing so, CMCI develops services that are reusable thus reducing the time and cost of building new applications.

Our architects and engineers have an expert understanding of vendors’ stack-specific strengths and weaknesses. By leveraging our partnerships we gain early knowledge of the latest software releases—so that when new solutions hit the market we already have a set of capabilities ready for engagement. CMCI also utilizes industry best practices to eliminate technical and organizational silos.

CMCI has worked with large, Federal enterprises to deliver substantial cost avoidance and savings on SOA implementation initiatives. Our major services components for SOA implementation are:

Transitioning and sequencing roadmaps

Enterprise SOA Framework

Defining SOA governance processes

Supporting development and SOA lifecycle management automation

Establishment of communication and outreach mechanisms
Providing training and mentoring programs

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