Extended Supply Chain – Securing Borders

The dramatic expansion of globalization over the past few decades has inextricably intertwined the world’s economies bringing with it tremendous benefits to advanced and developing economies alike, and the global economy overall. Essential to the continued expansion of the global economy is the smooth, seamless, and rapid movement of goods through international supply chains. That traffic is threatened by various vectors stemming from terrorism, legacy IT systems, poor visibility, lack of standards and requirements, and privacy and protection.

CMCI's IT solutions and services are driving supply chain innovation with unique software, solutions, and services that address the primary current and future supply chain challenges of government and industry. CMCI has been a leader within the U.S. Federal government in developing non-intrusive cargo inspection systems, which provide the government with the capability to assess and manage risk of shipments while not impeding the flow of goods across borders.

CMCI specializes in centralized decision support systems and advanced data analytics solutions that transform data into actionable intelligence, provide critical real-time insight and information, and risk mitigation actions. We are a leader in providing advanced radiation detection and non-intrusive cargo inspection imaging capabilities for the scanning of air/land/sea shipping cargo for the presence of illicit nuclear materials. Our expertise in emerging technologies and agile delivery model allows us to rapidly develop and implement innovative mission critical solutions that significantly strengthen global nuclear non-proliferation efforts by providing advanced detection and targeting of radioactive, nuclear, and biological materials.


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