Enterprise Virtualization

Enterprise virtualization can dramatically improve the efficiency and availability of resources and applications within any organization. The major goal of virtualization is to move away from the "one server, one application" model. In addition to the server consolidation, virtualization also provides flexibility and scalability, allowing administrators to spend more time innovating and less time on mundane tasks like deploying and configuring servers, operating systems and applications.

CMCI has a team of virtualization experts that can assist any organization in determining where to best integrate virtualization technologies into the data center. CMCI also provides a resource utilization analysis, which shows the average cost savings of moving to a virtual infrastructure.

CMCI’s expertise includes cutting-edge virtualization technologies, such as VMWare ESX, Virtual Center, Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) migrations, Virtual Data Center Analysis, Oracle VM, and Citrix/Zen. CMCI utilizes virtualization technologies to achieve high availability, maximize resource utilization, and provide flexibility and agility in provisioning of resources and ease of management of the virtual data center.

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