Enterprise Architecture

CMCI has extensive expertise in designing and deploying complete enterprise architecture solutions in accordance with the principles of open standards, industry best practices, and best of breed technology components.

We are the key industry partner for some of the nation’s principal security agencies in deploying a high security delivery platform. CMCI’s enterprise architecture experts are currently designing architectures that are improving responsiveness and reducing costs:

Modular and layered design capable of interchangeable components to avoid vendor lock-in

Conforming to open standards to significantly reduce expensive overhead and O & M costs

Enabling integration with critical components that address enterprise requirements related to single sign-on capabilities, monitoring, load balancing, virtualization and privileged user management and reliable messaging

High speed and low latency connectivity with simplified and converged network for public, backup/restore, and data storage access with site failover/recovery mechanisms

As the central architecture component, Enterprise Service Bus serves the enterprise need for reliable messaging architecture with cutting edge security gateways and messaging systems for authentication and authorization, and a core ESB engine for the orchestration and mediation of messaging. ESB is a platform and component-agnostic, flexible design that is scalable, highly available, and interoperable with other devices in the data center.

The layered architecture design facilitates independent management of each layer without impacting the functioning of the data center and based on industry standards and non-proprietary protocols to avoid vendor lock-in and ease of deployment to minimize time-to-production.

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