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CMCI provides innovative digital services and solutions for federal agencies applying emerging technologies

One team, one fight.

That guiding principle defines CMCI’s customer-centric approach in the federal and state technology arena. Since 2005, our teams have integrated seamlessly with our government customers and have collaborated with them and other teaming partners to deliver mission-critical solutions that truly manifest the art of the possible. This means we don’t just focus on meeting requirements – we find innovative ways to solve our customer’s toughest challenges while creating solutions that exceed expectations and deliver efficiencies our customers may never even have anticipated.



CMCI’s development services embrace Agile based DevOps (CI/CD) methodologies to bring the best solutions for our customers’ needs. Our Agile DevOps Model has led the migration of legacy waterfall systems to agile frameworks for many of our customers.

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CMCI provides Agile based DevOps expertise for a legacy Oracle hardware, software, products and tools environment. The effort encompasses 14+ development teams working collaboratively with our customers on over forty (40) separate but connected projects. When CMCI started, the projects all worked independently, without coordination or any control beyond version control.

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CMCI Cloud Services

CMCI leverages our cloud expertise and proven methodologies to determine the cloud solutions and domains that best fit your enterprise. Our vendor-agnostic approach allows for a thorough assessment of the best platform, infrastructure, software and security options for your needs. We can then rapidly build and deliver customized, cost-efficient cloud applications...

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CMCI Mobile Services & Solutions

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CMCI has extensive experience with mobile technologies and has had a significant role in Mobile Application Architecture. Our teams have designed and developed native and hybrid mobile applications using Cordova, iOS, and Android which are integrated with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Additionally, CMCI is helping our customers to develop its Mobile Application Development Centers of Excellence and Expertise (CEE).

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CMCI is developing a mobile iOS application on the cloud for a customer to track border wait times via crowd sourcing. Additionally, CMCI is leading the development and delivery of mission critical mobile applications.

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