Screening & Scanning – Detecting Threats

CMCI is a leader in designing and integrating devices and technologies with diverse protocols from numerous and varied vendors. CMCI has led some of the most challenging and complex integration initiatives on a global scale ever undertaken by the U.S. government, collaborating with foreign governments and customs agencies, cargo and terminal operators, device and technology vendors, and network service providers to deliver systems that screen and scan for nuclear materials and potential terrorist threats on all U.S-bound cargo.

CMCI has strong and robust partnerships and associations with industry and research organizations and outreach capabilities, which are key to the successful delivery of any integration initiative.

CMCI has an established and proven roadmap to overcome complex and challenging integration issues.

Develop strong relationships with technology device vendors to identify, analyze, and standardize on a common communication exchange protocol

Form associations to develop a data exchange standard that would provide data in a format usable by systems analytics and reporting components

Outreach and coordination to capture operational and functional processes to incorporate in system design

Collaboration with network service providers to develop the communications solution to facilitate the transmission of large quantities of data between the systems worldwide

Adopt and leverage open architecture, innovative data interchange standards, and agile management approaches for system architecture, design, development, implementation and integration

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