Corporate Giving – Scholarships

CMCI is dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work through charitable donations and sponsorships of non-profit organizations.

Objectives of CMCI’s Corporate Giving:

  • Support charitable and cultural organizations within our community
  • Provide college scholarships to high achieving students in need
  • Support initiatives that provide education and healthcare to underprivileged persons at home and around the world



2014 – 2018 recipient:
Soumya Kundu
Bachelor of Science – Engineering
University of Connecticut

2009 – 2014 recipient:
Tulika Dawn
Bachelor of Science
Calcutta, India

2008 – 2014 recipients:
Sovan Dutta
Bachelor of Science
Calcutta, India

Past Recipients

2010 – 2012 recipient:
Shreya Sanyal
Bachelor of Business – Administration
Calcutta, India

2007 – 2008 recipients:
Deepjyoti Chaudhuri
Medical Student
University of Calcutta, India

Sumanta Kr. Panda
Industrial Training (Electrician – Student)
Orrisa, India

For more information email resume and related documentation to Chakrabarti Management Consultancy, Inc. (CMCI).

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