Cloud Computing

CMCI can help you transition to the Cloud by removing complexity and simplifying the Cloud experience. CMCI understands the challenges of Cloud Computing and the difficult choices that have to be made when moving to the Cloud. Our Cloud experts can help you determine which Cloud is the right option for your organization, which applications to migrate to the Cloud, the cost and return on investment, and how to manage, regulate, and centralize control.

We leverage our cloud expertise and a proven methodology to determine the best-fit Cloud, public, private, or hybrid, for your organization. Our vendor agnostic approach allows for a thorough assessment of platform, infrastructure, and software options in the Cloud environment. We can then rapidly and efficiently build and deliver customized cloud applications while providing a single point of transparency, accountability, sourcing, and control.

We also provide simple and agile Cloud Computing services and solutions that address Cloud integration, aggregation, sourcing, procurement, implementation, management, and governance. Ultimately, our Cloud Computing solutions and services reduce cost and improve system reliability.

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