Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

CMCI’s business intelligence solutions enable better decision making, improve overall business performance, and use fewer resources.

Obtaining the right information at the right time is key to making sound business decisions; it is the fundamental precept of business intelligence, but it can be difficult to accomplish without a clear, well-defined plan. CMCI’s Business Intelligence Methodology is tested and proven from real world business intelligence implementations; it is flexible enough to support any effort regardless of size or complexity while using any tool available in the marketplace today.

Our approach to development, delivery, and implementation is vendor agnostic and Agile.

We specialize in developing enterprise data warehouse and web-based business intelligence systems that integrate data from multiple internal and external systems into formats that are extensible, flexible, scalable, historical, and granular.
We have substantially reduced the time our customers spend collecting and integrating data so that their focus can be directed on analysis and reporting. CMCI’s business intelligence solutions have empowered executives, analysts, and agents in the field with the ability to make critical, strategic decisions faster using factual, real time data.

Our customers are now able to move forward and react faster, reinforcing strategic imperatives and boosting investment. CMCI’s experts are building and maintaining business intelligence solutions that are driving fact-based decision making and improving business performance and efficiency for the federal government’s most data driven agencies.

Benefits of CMCI’s Business Intelligence Solutions:

Timely and Accurate Data Collection
Integration Data from Multiple Domain Areas
Reduction of “Stove-Pipe”Business Intelligence Capabilities across the Enterprise
Cross Functional Reporting and Analysis
Few Resources Used

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