Company Overview

 CMCI is a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and CMMI Level 3 that delivers IT Services and Solutions to the government sector and employs over 120 IT professionals across the nation. CMCI is principally engaged with emerging technologies, specializing in defining, developing, and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions and architectures to drive strategic goals across the enterprise.

CMCI was founded in 2005 by Pulak Chakrabarti, one of the industry’s leading visionaries and thought leaders, to empower its customers to achieve their business goals in today's highly competitive market. CMCI provides business and technical leadership, and overall vision to mission critical, large-scale systems design and implementation.

As a small company, CMCI has the organizational agility, flexibility, and practical knowhow needed to quickly adapt and respond to the most dynamic environments. Our clients have direct access to CMCI’s senior leadership, who are personally committed to the success of our customers. CMCI’s senior leadership has decades of experience in leading and delivering mission critical IT solutions for the largest, and most federated government agencies.

CMCI is currently leading numerous enterprise-scale initiatives at the federal and local government level. CMCI’s customers include Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Justice, Department of Transportation and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Company Vision

Our Founder and CEO’s vision has been simple and consistent throughout the years; it is all about doing what’s best for the customer. Behind this vision, our team follows these simple but important principles:


Your Success - Our Mission
We do what is best for our customer. Always!

Emerging Technologies
We adopt the latest technologies and industry
best practices

Value-based Partnerships
We establish value-based partnerships with
both industry partners and customers

Quality Solutions
We will consistently deliver quality solutions,
on-time and within budget