CMCI’s expertise enables to integrate emerging technology in the most pressing challenges facing our clients very efficiently and cost-effectively.

CMCI is actively involved in providing cutting-edge IT services such as cloud computing and a true agile DevOps/CI/CD method at many of our federal administrative agencies to meet mission-critical business needs. Our Agile practices help organizations achieve their business needs more successfully than traditional development methods, which often cannot provide a timely response to constantly changing business environments. As the government accelerates towards cloud adoption, CMCI has focused on crafting innovative solutions and partnering with best of breed cloud service providers and proven software vendors to ensure our customers’ transition to this new operational paradigm is seamless and non-disruptive.

CMCI brings the right tools, methods, and techniques to each engagement – the breadth of our work spans both federal and commercial settings. Utilizing DevSecOps principles ensures development and operational consistency with fewer production errors, while incorporating security into every step of the development process. CMCI’s proven cloud assessment methodologies thoroughly analyze customer environments including applications, business processes, technology platforms and development methods to create achievable roadmaps that fully align with the business, operational and budget requirements.

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