Pulak Chakrabarti
Pulak Chakrabarti, President & CEO
Company Overview

Pulak Chakrabarti, President & CEO

CMCI was founded in 2005 by Pulak Chakrabarti, one of the industry’s leading visionaries and thought leaders, to empower customers to achieve their business goals in today's highly-competitive market. Mr. Chakrabarti’s vision was – and still is today – to deliver cost-effective, transparent, innovative technology and business solutions that demonstrate quality and value to CMCI’s customers.

Our singular focus is ensuring the mission success of the customers and organizations we serve. To that end, over the past 15 years, CMCI’s support and solutions have increasingly come to revolve around one unifying core competency: leading technology transformation to keep pace with our customers’ business and mission requirements.

Mr. Chakrabarti has more than 25 years of experience leading mission-critical programs and technology initiatives for some of the largest and most complex federal enterprises. He is a recognized thought leader in national security, screening and targeting, and the extended global supply chain. Prior to founding CMCI, Mr. Chakrabarti led large federal enterprise programs and technology initiatives in the homeland security and law enforcement arenas for companies such as Lockheed Martin, FiServ Inc, HCL-Hewlett Packard, BTS, TIL Ltd., and Indian Statistical Institute. He quickly gained recognition among federal executives as a trusted advisor who consistently delivered strategic initiatives and drove tangible improvements in organizational and operational effectiveness.

As President & CEO of CMCI, Mr. Chakrabarti provides overall strategy and vision, business acumen, and technical leadership for large-scale systems design and implementation. Of particular note, Mr. Chakrabarti conceived the overarching technology roadmap for automated screening, scanning, targeting, and vetting initiatives for our national security. These initiatives encompass some of the most sophisticated mission-critical systems in the federal domain and now serve as the cornerstone of all law enforcement and homeland security activities in safeguarding the nation’s frontiers and securing the global supply chain.

As the pace of technology changes propels federal agencies towards systems modernization and technology transformation, Mr. Chakrabarti’s vision and relentless commitment to excellence will continue to drive innovation for CMCI customers’ ever-evolving mission and business needs.

Mr. Chakrabarti received his BS in Mathematics Honors from the St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, and an MS in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis from Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.

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