Device and Technology Integration – CBRNE and GNDA

CMCI upholds our nation’s global nuclear non-proliferation efforts through the advancement of technological capabilities for advanced detection and targeting of radioactive, nuclear, and biological materials.

CMCI leads challenging and complex device and technology integrations to support Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive materials (CBRNE) and Global Nuclear Detection Architecture (GNDA) driven initiatives. CMCI partners with the U.S. government to collaborate with foreign governments and customs agencies, cargo and terminal operators, device and technology vendors, and network service providers to deliver systems that screen and scan for nuclear materials and potential terrorist threats on all U.S.-bound cargo.

We are a leader in providing advanced radiation detection and non-intrusive cargo inspection imaging capabilities that scan air/land/sea shipping cargo for the detection of illicit nuclear materials. We maintain strong and robust partnerships and associations with industry, research organizations, and outreach capabilities, the key to the successful delivery of any CBRNE and GNDA integration initiative.

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